Christmas and violence

Do Christmas and violence belong together? Of course not! Christmas is known as the time of calm, peace and love. But why then do we celebrate it by inflicting fear, pain, illness, suffocation, hunger a death on millions of sentient creatures?

Is violence only wrong if it is committed on people? Hardly. The main reason for rejecting violence is the will not to act as we wouldn't like to be acted by others. And as scientists confirm, carp are capable of feeling pain just as much as we are.

Is violence on animals a necessary evil for our survival? That might have been the case in the ice age, but not in the 21st century. And besides, would anyone seriously think that they could not give up meat at least for the Christmas time?

It is argued that the Christmas carp slaughter is a tradition. But there are a lot of things that people did in the past and are now ashamed of it. If a tradition is wrong, it is time to abolish it. After all, peace, love and compassion are far deeper traditions of Christmas than the street carp massacre, which is actually not much older than a hundred years.